6 Board Games Inspired by Game of Thrones Impelreport

This time the game is not about thrones, but about tables. We present the most popular games inspired by the series.

There is no doubt that Game of Thrones ( Game of Thrones if you follow the series in vose) has marked a before and after on television. The books of George RRMartin have been adapted to the small screen to the delight of all his fans, including us, would be missing more. And as expected, the fever for this saga has crossed screens and has invaded many aspects of our lives, including the decoration of our home, which may now be inspired by the Seven Kingdoms.

But today we do not come to talk about decoration, but about games. Of board games inspired by the series , to be more concrete. Because they have become very fashionable and, taking advantage of the dates in which we are, the truth is that they can be a Christmas gift of the most successful. We leave you the most popular GOT table games and where you can buy them. Maybe you can even find them as a bargain in the sales ! You just have to know how to look for them.

Board games inspired by Game of Thrones

1. Cluedo Game of Thrones
The classic mystery game has adapted this time to the series. The characters are the same as in Game of Thrones : Tyrion, Petir Baelish, Jamie Lannister … up to 12 cards with all the suspects. You will have to find out who has killed whom, with what and in what scenario of the series.

Cluedo Game of Thrones

2. Risk of Game of Thrones
If you know how to play the Risk you will know how to handle all the figures carved with the characters of Game of Thrones on the board. You can find it on Amazon.

Risk of Game of Thrones

3. Monopoly of Game of Thrones
Instead of getting regular buildings, you will have to pursue properties of Game of Thrones . This Monopoly includes six collector’s figures.

Monopoly of Game of Thrones

4. Game of Thrones: intrigue in the west

It is a fun and agile card game for between 2 and 6 players who must compete for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms.

Game of Thrones intrigue in the west

5. Game of Thrones: the hand of the king
The King of Westeros has just announced his intention to name a new Hand of the King. Through a series of cards, players (from 2 to 4) must choose the characters to obtain banners. The objective? Become the King’s Hand

Game of Thrones the hand of the king

6. Game of Thrones: Wall Watchers
A card game in which you will have to join forces with the players to defend Westeros. Available on Amazon.

Game of Thrones Wall Watchers


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6 Board Games Inspired by Game of Thrones Impelreport