6 Habits That Will Help You Prevent Breast Cancer Impelreport

The breast cancer is the most common cancer among women (affecting one in eight women according to the Spanish Association Against Cancer), but luckily, is also one of the fastest are detected, and when it is done time, the hopes of cure exceed 90% . Therefore, to make women aware of the importance of breast cancer prevention is everybody’s job.

6 Habits That Will Help You Prevent Breast Cancer

Some of the factors that influence the development of breast cancer are difficult to modify (hereditary, environmental, hormonal), but there are also many others that depend on our own day-to-day decisions . By changing some of our habits, we can reduce the risk of suffering from breast cancer drastically. The most important thing is that you lead a healthy life , but there are others. Do you know which ones they are?

1. Controls Alcohol and Tobacco
It’s time to say goodbye to bad habits! Alcohol and tobacco are directly responsible for many diseases (not just cancer) nowadays, so eliminating them (or at least reducing their consumption) is essential to improve the quality of life. The data are clear: according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the more alcohol you drink, the greater the risk that you will develop breast cancer , so moderate consumption and not drink more than one glass of beer or wine per day. The same goes for tobacco, so you should quit as soon as possible or keep it away from you.

2. Eat a Varied and Healthy Diet
No food or diet can prevent the onset of breast cancer, but they can make the body as healthy as possible, strengthen the immune system and help reduce the risk of suffering. Reduce the consumption of sugary drinks, industrial foods, processed meats and trans fats , and start eating more fruit, more whole grains and more lean proteins. You have to take care of yourself inside!

Eat a varied and healthy diet

5. Maintain an Adequate Weight
Overweight and obesity increase the risks of breast cancer considerably. This is particularly problematic when weight gain occurs late in life, such as after menopause . And because? Because fat cells can increase estrogen levels in a dangerous way and affect the process that regulates the growth of cancer cells.

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4. Stay Active
Physical exercise is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy weight, and several studies suggest that women who do moderate to intense physical activity for more than 3 hours a week have between 30% and 40% less risk of breast cancer. The ideal is to perform 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of intense activity a week, along with strength exercises ( abdominals , weights, etc.) twice a week.

6 Habits That Will Help You Prevent Breast Cancer Impelreport

5. Autoexplórate Once a Month
From the age of 20, it is advisable to perform a monthly breast self-examination, preferably on the fifth day of menstruation; since it is the best way to prevent future problems. Also remember to request a mammogram every two years from 40, and every year to reach 50. They are the key to early diagnosis!

6. If You Can, Breastfeed
When you have children, or if you have just become a mother , breastfeed as much as possible. Not only will it be good for your baby: breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer ( the risk is reduced by 4.3% for every 12 months of breastfeeding ). This is due to two main reasons: the delay in the restoration of ovarian function and the decrease in estrogen levels. There are factors that can not be changed (hereditary, hormonal, etc.), but breastfeeding is a modifiable variable that can help prevent cancer.

Nothing can ensure 100% that you do not suffer from breast cancer, but you can reduce the risks. The key is to become aware of how important prevention is. So you know, anticipate events and win a possible battle with cancer may be within your reach.


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6 Habits That Will Help You Prevent Breast Cancer Impelreport