9-1-1 2018 Fox Drama Tv Show Series Impelreport

Procedural dramas are the order of the day on the international small screen. After the success he has achieved with ‘Scream Queens’, ‘American Horror Story’ or ‘Feud’, Ryan Murphy gets back to work with a new project for FOX but very different from the previous ones. The prestigious American producer has created together with Brad Falchuk (‘American Crime Story’, ‘Glee’) ‘9-1-1’, a new fiction of that genre. Based on real events, the series will tell the adventures of several policemen, firemen and doctors and the raw situations that have to pass the people who are dedicated to these hard professions during their working hours.

9-1-1 2018

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The day to day of the professionals of emergency services is not at all simple. They never know what the day will bring and when they arrive at the scene they have to face extreme and totally unpredictable situations. This is what Ryan Murphy wanted to reflect on this production. The successful American actress Angela Bassett, winner of a Golden Globe and known for her performances in ‘American Horror Story’, ‘BoJack Horseman’ or ‘Urgencies’, will give life to the protagonist of the new drama. Fiction is part of FOX’s 2018 midseason.


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9-1-1 2018 Fox Drama Tv Show Series Impelreport