9 Unsolved Mysteries About Beyonce Impelreport

This week, the Internet went crazy when Tiffany Haddish recalled a party organized by singer Crazy in Love by Jay Z. In the April issue of GQ, the Girls Trip star revealed new details about the events that led to the selfie with the Grammy winner.

“There was an actress who did something excessive,” Tiffany shared with the publication. What was one of the excessive things he did? “He bit Beyoncé in the face.”

9 Unsolved Mysteries About Beyonce Impelreport

That confession, as you can imagine, sparked many speculations among his fans. NY also did not help that Chrissy Teigen confessed that he knows who did it, but he will not tell. All this made us think of other mysteries surrounding Beyoncé. Are you ready to look for answers?

Who is Becky the cute hair?

When the fans first heard Sorry, they immediately wanted to know who Beyoncé was talking about in the song when she mentioned a “Becky the one with the cute hair”. From Aunt Becky of Full House to Becky of Roseanne, the theories were many.

What really happened in the elevator?

9 Unsolved Mysteries About Beyonce Impelreport


In a recording that pop culture fans will never forget, a security video showed a family fight between Solange, Jay Z, and Beyoncé after the Met Gala. Although peace apparently returned to the family quickly, the fans were left with many unanswered questions.

Ring the Alarm was about Rihanna?

When this anthem of rupture was released, the fans speculated on the identity of the other woman in the path of war of Beyoncé. Many thought it could be Rihanna, partly because she was a Def Jam artist and worked closely with Jay Z, but Beyoncé dismissed the idea.

Why did Solange delete all of Beyoncé’s photos on Instagram? After the controversial video, fans were shocked to learn that Solange deleted virtually all of her older sister’s photos, except one. If it was intentional or careless, everything remains as an unsolved mystery.

What does Beyoncé think about Kim Kardashian?

9 Unsolved Mysteries About Beyonce Impelreport

It is no secret that the former member of Destiny’s Child and the star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians have a long history. In addition, Jay Z and Kanye West also have a past in the history of music. But how close is your friendship? We will never know.

Why did Beyoncé change the lyrics to Resentment while on tour?

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During a 2014 concert, Queen B performed Resentment, a 2006 song from her album B’Day, and changed the lyrics, “I’ve been with you for six years, why did you treat me like this?” To “I’ve been with you for 12 years for What did you treat me like that? ” As the song is mainly about infidelities, many fans had their suspicions. But the couple posted very romantic photos shortly after the concert.

How close are Beyoncé and Taylor Swift?

Whether you’re a fan of Beyoncé or Swift, you’re probably pleased that the singer of Shake It Off invited Beyoncé to her 25th birthday. Days later, the two danced together at a Justin Timberlake concert. Although they may never reach the squad level, many fans are still curious to know how often they keep in touch.

What did Beyoncé and Kate Middleton talk about?

Let’s go back to December 2014 when Beyoncé and Jay Z approached Prince William and Kate Middleton at the Brooklyn Nets basketball game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Even though a source told E! News that both mothers talked about raising their children, we can not help thinking that there was more in the conversation. Music, fashion, relationships? It just makes us curious.

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9 Unsolved Mysteries About Beyonce Impelreport