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The director Jonas Carpignano does a meshing with his previous film. It happens that in “A Ciambra” (2017) we see again the main protagonist of “Mediterranea” (2015), played by the same actor, same name and playing same credentials, only that this time he is not the center of the story. Pio (Pio Amato), a boy of fourteen, the son of a family of gypsies settled in Italy, dedicated to theft and other plundering, is the motive of the plot. What we will see will be the boy’s climb to the big criminal leagues. For this, Carpignano makes a prelude to the circle of minors within that community. We see children playing at being men, hallucinating manhood, assuming a bellicose personality besieged by the consumption of joints and the infiltration of adult parties. From the beginning, it already points to a world that is already degrade, although it is the prelude to the primordial route, the path of certified perversion.

A Ciambra 2018

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“A Ciambra” does not consider becoming a social reflection nor does it refer to the outrage of innocence. What happens to the character of Pio is only a process of maturity. There is no specific indispensable fact or act of coercion that forces the main character to aspire to what adults are. A delay of the electric service or the persuasion to an event that will be the last turn in the delinquency development of the child are preceded by Pio’s own desire.

As the protagonist of “Buenos muchachos” (Goodfellas, 1990), Pio’s aspiration is the result of the environment that surrounds him. His upbringing living and seeing what happens in the world of looting has forged an enchantment. Consequently, Jonas Carpignano tells us a story in an epic tone. The main character generating habits that emerge almost innately. It is the formation of the new litter of pariahs, which will strengthen the ethnic stereotype. Pio walks towards his destination.


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A Ciambra 2018 Movie Trailer Review Poster Images Impelreport