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Absentia 2018

Absentia is a well-written mystery with a lot of twists that will keep you guessing until the end. Most of the actors all do a wonderful job with their characters, but Stana Katic truly shines in the leading role. She has an amazing ability to play a strong but vulnerable woman and pulls you in to really feel the heartbreak and trauma she is going through. The mystery builds from each episode, and each one picks up where the last left off so it’s truly the type of show made to be binge-watched.

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The person behind her abduction was someone I definitely didn’t see coming, and they answer enough questions to satisfy the mystery while still leaving you wanting more in a second season. The cinematography and original score were well done. A couple of complaints are that at times, it was hard to hear some dialogue. Not sure if the actors weren’t speaking loud enough, or if it was an editing error where the background was made too loud. Some things seemed a little unrealistic, like how quickly Emily recovers and how most of the people in Emily’s life quickly turn on her as a suspect. I was hoping for more support for the character after everything she’s been through. But I understand it makes for better drama to have her go rogue on her own. All in all, if you’re a fan of mysteries/thrillers, then you’ll want to see this one. If you’re a fan of Stana Katic, then you’ll definitely want to see this one. Her acting was phenomenal as Kate Beckett in Castle, but Absentia showcases her talents in a way Castle never did.


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Absentia 2018 Tv Show Series Trailer Photo Impelreport