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Big Sonia was one of those serendipitous finds that refocuses the impact of the Holocaust and its repercussions in not only Sonia’s family but all those whose come into contact with Big Sonia.

Big Sonia 2017

Recently, while feeling nostalgic about my Ohio roots, I learned about Big Sonia playing at the Cleveland Film Festival. And this is what grabbed me by the heart and shook me to the core (and I’m not prone to hyperbole):

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“Standing tall at 4’8′, Sonia Warshawki is a business owner of a beloved 35-year-old store facing eviction because of a dying mall. But at 91 years old, she is also – one of the last remaining Holocaust survivors in Kansas City. Sonia’s enormous personality and fragile frame mask the horrors she endured at 15…”

Big Sonia 2017

At that point, I was all in to catch the film when it made it to California and this indie-film-that-could does not disappoint. Be ready to walk away with a renewed awe of the human spirit to endure and grow and spark change.

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This is one of the best films of 2017, and it is absolutely necessary for the times we live in. “Big Sonia” is the antidote to hatred and intolerance, to prejudice born of ignorance. At the end of the day, we are all people, regardless of the color of our skin, who we worship, who we choose to vote for, or who we kiss. This film makes you realize that the person sitting next to you on any given day may have a story that makes you think about who you are and what you believe.

I am sure the filmmakers did not intend to make a film that could bring people together and teach them about tolerance and forgiveness. The film starts out as the story of somebody’s eccentric grandmother and then morphs into something more. Much, much more. I am not going to talk about the plot or the characters. All I want to do is encourage you to see the film, prepare to smile, and prepare to think. Recommend it to your family and your friends, and watch it with your kids. Show them that the real superheroes in our world are actually living on any street in Anytown, USA, or simply working at the mall.


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Big Sonia 2017 Movie Review Poster Impelreport