Bilal A New Breed of Hero 2018 Movie Trailer Review Poster

The production values on display are impressive. The characters are immaculately rendered and some of the scenes are visually stunning, from galloping horses and swooping birds of prey to the vast deserts and epic battle scenes.

The animation and design can genuinely stand alongside the best Hollywood fare, as should be expected from a team that has worked on hits including Shrek and Monsters, Inc.

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the movie is a fascinating glimpse into an important period in the history of the region, and the attention to detail paid to the costumes and backgrounds gives an authentic impression of the historical period.

Bilal brings an important story from the region, and the underlying message of empowerment and egalitarianism is one from which we can all benefit.

Bilal A New Breed of Hero 2018 Movie

Visually, Bilal repatriates animated Arabian iconography after a spell locked up in the Disney bunker of Aladdin and 1001 Arabian Nights, before Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones comprehensively raided the region’s costume department and settings. With some tweaks and trims to curb excesses, this could be seen widely in observant households and schools on the international stage, while it clearly boasts powerful local appeal.

Bilal is based on the real-life historical figure Bilal Ibn Rabah, a close companion of the prophet Mohammed who ultimately moved to Medina and was the first Muaddhin to call the faithful to prayer. He sacrificed much for his freedom in a cruel, feudal society.

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“BILAL has a lasting message well understood in the humanistic framework. This is a unique feature with a compelling socially relevant content for today. It provides the plausible interpretation that hidden by the ideology of false gods greed destroys the essence of mankind and enslaves all subjected to it. Bilal strongly opposes inequality and battles the subordination of people. In the current climate of growing class division a faith based appeal to strengthen moral values should attract a large audience.”

This is, visually, an electrifying debut for Barajoun Entertainment.


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Bilal A New Breed of Hero 2018 Movie Trailer Review Poster