The Chi 2018 TV Show Series Review Trailer Poster Impelreport

The Chi is one of the best shows to air in a long time. Watching it after the utter dross that is MacMafia reminded me of how good television should look and feel. The writers take their time to introduce you to the characters, and give them space to develop. A rare thing these days. It’s been compared to The Wire, and there are definite similarities (obviously no bad thing), but The Chi has a vibe all of it’s own and gradually hooks you in. Most shows aim to have someone on screen you can empathise with, or at least identify with, but here there are so many members of the cast you genuinely want to go along with for the ride. I’m surprised this show doesn’t have a higher rating. From the reviews so far it’s clear some people just don’t get it, or have the time to let something grow, but this is top class television and I hope it gets the audience it clearly deserves.

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This show portrays how Chicago really cam be even when you are booty in the streets. Things just go sideways, stories get crossed. Common was the perfect guy to be a part of this. One of the most realistic shows on TV right now. Ppl that don’t rate this show 7 or higher is either hating because its great black show and/or Don’t understand the realities of “the hood”. Guys from the hood are probsbly not on imdb rating shows and writing reviews so I’ll do it for them. GREAT SHOW LITERALLY



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The Chi 2018 TV Show Series Review Trailer Poster Impelreport