The Constant Reinvention Of Angelina Jolie Your Last Transformation Will Surprise You

Dressed in black and wearing round Fendi glasses, Angelina Jolie appeared with a look that seemed ready for a lunch with a director or a meeting with her agents. But on March 20, the actress’ company was his daughter Zahara and his son Knox. And the place was the cereal aisle at the Whole Foods in West Hollywood. After reviewing the oatmeal options, the Oscar winner decided on the brand of the house. After all, as he recently told Vanity Fair, his needs are simple, “I just want to make the right breakfast and keep the house in order, that’s my passion.”

The Constant Reinvention Of Angelina Jolie Your Last Transformation Will Surprise You

Meet Jolie’s last reiteration. Before an actress with knife armor whose reputation was so crazy that she was forced to undergo daily drug tests during the filming of Tomb Raider in 2001, today the winner of 3 Golden Globes has transformed into a devoted mother and dedicated philanthropist, with titles to her credit as the Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations, and co-president of the Educational Association for children in conflict.

Accepting his guilt for about four months again gave him the love of his fans. In the 2017 GQ summer edition, the native of Springfield, Missouri, took responsibility for his current penalties, and called the situation “self-inflicted”, exposing his failures. He was drinking too much, he admitted and, what was worse, he was not living up to his potential as a father: “Our divorce slapped me, I realized that I have to be more for them. good at it”.

The Constant Reinvention Of Angelina Jolie Your Last Transformation Will Surprise You

His honesty paved the way for Jolie, who assumed and tested her supermamá skills. Also, in his interview for Vanity FairSeptember 2017, she framed herself as a sympathetic figure and martyred when confessing that she cried in the shower to hide the pain of her family. “They need to know that everything is going to be fine even if you’re not sure if it’s really okay,” Jolie confessed and revealed that not only was she dealing with her sudden divorce, she also struggled with hypertension and facial paralysis that condition the paralysis of Bell. Says the star, who opted for a double preventive mastectomy and reconstructive surgery after knowing that she had the BRCA1 gene, “Sometimes women in the family put themselves in the last place until they are manifested in their own health”.

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After all, presiding over a child of 6 leaves very little time for oneself. You must also do the laundry! Particularly on one occasion, he told the publication that he had to coax Vivienne to wash her favorite blanket, out of the 32 that she has. “The other day he told me, Mommy, I can taste my blanket, that, sweetness, it’s a sign that it really needs to be washed.” All this without counting the pets you must attend and games in the pool of your mansion. “I have tried for 9 months to be a good housewife and pick up dog poop and wash dishes and read stories before sleeping,” he said. “And I’m improving in all of them.”

The Constant Reinvention Of Angelina Jolie Your Last Transformation Will Surprise You

Including his career. Although she has resumed some projects (she already enlisted to star in the next Maleficent 2 ), she told People that she only accepts jobs that make sense for her entire family. “I have not worked for more than a year because they needed me at home,” he explained. “Everything stopped, I really feel and talk to them because everything affects them, each location, each type of project, I’ll have to adjust it to what they can handle.”

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Rest has given him more time to organize pajama parties and other more important activities. In January, he brought all his children to the famous art museum of the Louvre in Paris. That same month, Shiloh and Zahara joined her in a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan.

Such outputs are crucial to develop your team of mini activists. “I tell my daughters, ‘What sets you apart is what you are willing to do for others,'” he revealed during a meeting with former presidential candidate John Kerry for the March issue of Elle . ” Anyone can wear a dress and makeup, it’s your mind that will define you, find out who you are, what you think and what you represent.”

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The Constant Reinvention Of Angelina Jolie Your Last Transformation Will Surprise You