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Crooked House 2017

Charles and Sophia met long ago in a very distant place: Cairo, during the time of the Second World War. Now, with the military conflict already finished, they have met again in London. They resume their relationship and decide to get married.

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However, Charles discovers that the grandfather of Sophia, a Greek millionaire who lived with all his family in a palace known as “The crooked house”, has died poisoned. The old man ingested the poisonous substance because someone from his environment had put it into the insulin injections he had to put on every day. The situation makes Charles come to the conclusion that the murderer is not more likely to be someone in the family of his fiancée, all composed of very peculiar people. What’s more, Sophia herself is a suspect too, which is why Charles decides to investigate the case himself.


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Crooked House 2017 Movie Trailer Review Poster Impelreport