De Infiltrant 2018 Tv Show Series Review Poster Impelreport

Scammer Danny Desmedt ( Geert Van Rampelberg ) is pressured by Marc Potvin ( Peter Van den Begin ), director at the Federal Judicial Police, to infiltrate the organization of Freddy Bernaerts ( Dirk Roofthooft ). In exchange for information with which he and his deputy Karen Hofman ( Natali Broods ) can arrest Bernaerts, Bert gets the promise that they will drop the current complaints against him. At least, that is what he is told … And so Danny will become Freddy’s best friend.

The assignment is not without danger and becomes even more complex when Danny enters into a power struggle with Lars ( Wouter Hendrickx ), the former right-hand man of Bernaerts. And as if that were not enough, Danny also falls in love with his contact person Hofman, who thinks he is a brag. In the first place anyway … because afterwards she seems to fall for him, with all the problems of that.

But the biggest obstacle appears to be Freddy Bernaerts himself. His paranoid and greedy nature ensures that every attempt at a drug deal ends in a fiasco. Danny and director Potvin are faced with a problem: how do you catch a drug trafficker when he does not deal with drugs?


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De Infiltrant 2018 Tv Show Series Review Poster Impelreport