Disjointed 2017 Netflix Tv Show Series Review Impelreport

The series is simply great! It’s true that it starts in a very juvenile way, but suddenly evolves to something really mature and smart. I myself never enjoyed Chuck Lorre, since that plagiarizing attempt of Absolutely Fabulous that he called Cybill. Thus, I completely and purposefully ignored any of his latest works, such as 2 and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. I displayed contempt under the mention of these TV shows, as if they were mere residue of our culture. Given the pervasiveness of them, though, in order to please some friends, I even watched two or three episodes with them and pretended to enjoy the allegedly “witty dialogue and social commentary” (as if there was some, right?) in it. Everything was just out of place with those narratives.

Disjointed 2017

But with Disjointed the thing is totally different! I am not one of those people who write a description for the plot but instead I like to bring up the sensation this story might trigger. And trust me, it’s an experience — a sort of like when you’re watching a kind of Louis C.K gig and you feel good about laughing at human condition’s peculiarities. A cynicism maybe a little too dark, but precisely because of that it feels like a delight, from the sharp text to the tripping artwork.

Or maybe I’m just stoned. (Which I doubt, of course. So watch it and enjoy it. Before it gets, well you know, one of those predictions we’re not allowed to write here.)


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Disjointed 2017 Netflix Tv Show Series Review Impelreport