Enjoy Your Christmas Holidays Without Taking Extra Calories

The imbalances in the diet in the last two weeks of the year can lead people to increase between 4 and 5 kilos. What to do before, during and after the celebrations so as not to spoil the care of the whole year

Good eating habits and physical activity should be maintained throughout the year, even between Christmas and New Year celebrations. If you do not respect healthy habits and physical activity, in addition to not controlling what you eat and drink in these two weeks of the year you can increase between 4 and 5 kilos without realizing it.

Enjoy Your Christmas Holidays Without Taking Extra Calories

However, there are ways to enjoy the December celebrations and avoid, at the same time, that extra calories accumulate in the body.
“Beyond the meetings and celebrations, we should not abandon the healthy and aerobic routine, we can allow ourselves to eat a little less healthy on the 24th and 25th and also the 31st and the 1th, and even in some year-end that comes up in between, but we must renew the diet and exercise immediately after the holidays, because as it is said in nutrition, the routine orders, ” Teresa Baccara, an INEBA nutritionist , explained to Infobae .

Healthy parties

The nutritionist Liliana Grimberg also explained the excesses in which we incurred in the December holidays: “With the last days of the year the expected parties arrive, the tradition shows us a great variety of preparations of high caloric density that is incompatible with the existing high temperatures in this part of the southern hemisphere. ”

Enjoy Your Christmas Holidays Without Taking Extra Calories

Therefore, for the graduate, “it is important to follow a food plan according to our needs” such as:

-Respect the four meals. Do not compensate any of them under the argument that you will eat more during dinner.

-To choose vegetables and fresh fruits in all their varieties, which provide us with a great variety of vitamins, minerals, fiber and water.

-Take as a minimum 3 liters per day through cold infusions, calorie-free diet drinks, water, broth, diet gelatin.

Select foods with low glycemic index and low caloric density.

-Limit to the maximum the refined flours, which we find in the products of bakery, cookies, noodles, among others.

-Care the measure in those foods that are addictive like nuts, almonds, nougat or sweet bread.

-Include proteins in salads such as chicken breast, natural tuna, egg or egg white, lean cheese turkey, lean red meats.

– Moderate alcohol intake.

-Toast complicated

“Offering at Christmas for the holidays and the New Year is not an excuse to consume alcoholic beverages, or exceed the intake of food, we know that any excess could pass bills to our body,” warned Virginia Busnelli, Nutrition specialist.

Enjoy Your Christmas Holidays Without Taking Extra Calories

He added: “Alcohol is part of the cultural and social life, and these months of the year are the precise moment of reunions and celebrations, a moderate consumption is recommended, above all, it does not diminish the ability to drive vehicles and thus avoid accidents, which is one of the biggest risks of the parties.The sensitivity to alcohol depends on genetic factors, sex (the woman metabolizes it differently), age and custom “.

The World Health Organization advises not to exceed the day of two glasses of wine or beer, in men, and half in women in what is considered a moderate consumption.

“If that daily dose is increased during a specific period, such as holiday season, it can cause harm especially when mixed different types of alcoholic beverages and sometimes those with higher alcohol are abused,” said Busnelli, medical director of CRENYF .

Enjoy Your Christmas Holidays Without Taking Extra Calories

And he pointed out that “we must take into account certain pathologies or tendencies in people that alcohol exacerbates, for example having high triglycerides, gastritis, high uric acid, alteration in sleep or people with metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, pressure arterial, liver problems (fatty liver) “.

The plan to face the Holidays

Now, what can be done in the face of temptation without failing in the attempt?

The previous hours:

– Carry out four meals and two snacks with the intakes before the big banquets, as healthy as possible.

– Include fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, egg white and gelatin, diet the day before and until the celebration.

– Hydrate well: drink plenty of water to cleanse and eliminate toxins.

Once in the event:

– Do not repeat the dish; serve only once.

– From typical appetizers such as stuffed tomatoes, pionono and vittel toné, choose only one of the three and accompany it with green leafy vegetable salad. Some healthy options that could be used in replacement are: ham or pastron rolls with melon, brochettes of roasted vegetables, tomatoes stuffed diet (using tomato pulp, natural tuna, light mayonnaise and egg, avoiding the addition of rice), pionono diet (smeared with cheese spreadable diet and stuffed with tuna to the natural, tomato, morrón, filleted olives). A key: Avoid snacks type copetín.

Enjoy Your Christmas Holidays Without Taking Extra Calories

– Accompany the meats – chicken, suckling pig, fish – with fresh salads (which give a lot of satiety and provide very few calories) and only serve in a room of the dish (three tablespoons) the most caloric accompaniments like potato with egg and Russian salad) .

– To the meats, choose them as lean as possible (empty, roast lid, chicken breast, filet, salmon) and avoid everything that is viseras; although if you want to give a little taste you can choose in a small amount and taking into account that the one that contributes least calories is the kidney (you must be very careful with sweetbreads and cereals that provide great caloric and fat content).

– That the table present a variety of salads: the more varied and more variety of color, the better is the contribution of vitamins and minerals, adding that they provide fiber that gives a lot of satiety. They are the great allies of the Fiestas.

Enjoy Your Christmas Holidays Without Taking Extra Calories

– Avoid bread. Leave it alone for breakfast and snack, as indicated in a healthy plan.

– Once the dinner is over and until the toast is recommended, stay away from the table so as not to peck.

– Regarding drinks, choose diet drinks, water, soda or dietary juices. Control the intake of alcohol (one glass of wine accompanying the meal and another glass for the toast). Alcohol provides empty calories that are fixed as fat. From lower to higher caloric intake and alcohol content can be listed: beer without alcohol, cider and beer, wine and champagne, sherry; and liqueurs, fernet and sweet drinks.

– For dessert the fruit salad without sugar is ideal; which can be added an ice cream bowl of choice either cream or water.

– At the time of the sweet table, it is advisable to serve on a dessert plate five sweets of preference (one serving of pudding, one serving of sweet bread, three squares of nougat or mantecol, a handful of dried fruits or coated with chocolate, raisins).

– Perform physical activity during the event: walk, dance.


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Enjoy Your Christmas Holidays Without Taking Extra Calories