In the Fade 2017 Movie Trailer Review Poster Impelreport

This thriller, starring Diane Kruger, focuses on a German woman who is looking for the perpetrators of an attack in which they killed her husband of Kurdish origin and his son. What the film gains in tension loses it in a certain irresponsible and banal political reading. Its best letter is the performance of the actress of “Bastardos sin gloria”.

In the Fade 2017 Movie Trailer Review Poster Impelreport

The German filmmaker of Turkish origin Fatih Akin ( AGAINST THE WALL ) joins the group of filmmakers who, in the Cannes competition, try in one way or another to reflect the complicated sociopolitical reality in Europe from situations of hatred and violence. Akin goes straight to the point and what he produces is a thriller with strong political repercussions that, unfortunately, takes a couple of wrong decisions that prevent him from fully fulfilling what he promises in the beginning.

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The film starts with the wedding, in prison, between a man of Kurdish origin, Nuri (Numan Acar, from HOMELAND ), a former drug dealer, and a German woman, Katja (very well played by Diane Kruger), and continues, Many years later, when the man is already free, the couple is married and they have a son. But when everything seems to work in their lives, a bomb explodes in front of the business of Nuri, who at that moment was with his son, and both die. Katja is devastated: she returns to the drugs she had left behind years ago, she fights with her family and is deeply depressed.
Meanwhile, the investigation runs on the one hand uncomfortable, almost seeking to blame the victim, with the police looking, apparently, for the wrong side. She is sure that neo-Nazis are the ones who put the bomb in a neighborhood that is mainly of immigrants and remembers seeing a suspicious blonde girl with a bicycle, but the police point out that Nuri never completely abandoned the drug business and that they tried to kill him as revenge for something.

We will not say who they are or where they come from, but the police find the alleged culprits. And the trial runs well for Katja, despite the pain of having to relive the tragic and painful events. But everything starts to get complicated from there and the plot gives a couple of twists that not only do not work dramatically but seem quite irresponsible taking into account the current political situation regarding immigrants in Europe. Not only that, several times in the film it is explained how a nail bomb is put together, something particularly annoying to see a few days after an attack with a similar system in Manchester (it is obvious that the filmmakers could not have calculated or foreseen that fact , but it’s uncomfortable anyway).

The problems of the film are the poor narrative decisions of its last stages. IN THE FADE is divided into three parts, clearly marked with titles (the attack, the trial and what happens next). The second part, for obvious. The third, as I said before, as irresponsible (as well as obvious). Anyway, if you take it as a thriller that seeks a certain degree of entertainment and not as a political movie -Akin does not decide what kind of film he has in his hands- it is undeniable that the story at times is captivating and tense and that the Kruger’s performance -powerful in every way- gives him an emotional and tearful bonus that the film needs. But no more than that…


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In the Fade 2017 Movie Trailer Review Poster Impelreport