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Marina works as a waitress and, in her spare time, sings in a nightclub. He has a relationship with Orlando, 20 years older, who owns a printing press. They are in love and make plans for the future, but when Orlando dies suddenly, she will have to face the suspicions of the police and the rejection of his family, who considers her condition as a transsexual woman an aberration. As she has done all her life, Marina will fight for her right to be what she is: a fantastic woman.

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Applauded for his time at festivals such as Berlin (where he won the Silver Bear for Best Screenplay) and San Sebastián, Sebastián Lelio’s new work ( Gloria ) is shown as a study of his powerful female protagonist, a transsexual woman played by the actress and singer Daniela Vega ( The visit ), who must face the taboos and prejudices of Chilean society when her romantic partner suffers a sudden death. From this situation, A fantastic womanIt offers a drama with a careful visual style in which naturalism is combined with images close to the fantastic in a film of love, humiliation and revenge on the efforts of its main character to preserve his freedom and dignity. Lelio, who with his narrative style seeks to awaken empathy in the viewer with a game of changes in tones and intensity that captivates, entertains and excites, completes the cast with Francisco Reyes ( Neruda ), Luis Gnecco ( No ) or Aline Küppenheim ( Tourists ), among others.


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A Fantastic Woman 2018 Movie Trailer Review Poster Impelreport