“The stars are like you, they also have a film that they could see a thousand times without getting tired.”

Hollywood Celebrities have many things in common with you, for example, they also have a favorite movie that they could watch a thousand times without getting tired.

The Favorite Movies of Hollywood Celebrities Impelreport

Here are 20 films that are celebrities’ favorites, check the list and organize a movie marathon for the weekend.

1. Will Smith is a Star Wars fan and declared that “it was the first movie that blew my mind, which was what sparked my interest in making action movies.”

2. Jennifer Garner is a fan of The Shawshank Redemption : “It’s such a beautiful and painful story, it’s told masterfully, every time I see it on TV, I can not help but get hooked and watch it all over again.”

3. Lady Gaga , because of the eccentric way in which she usually dresses, anyone could think that her favorite movie would be some rarity. But he loves Rocky !

4. Steve Carell is a fan of There’s Something About Mary : “This is the last comedy that really made me laugh, I could not say exactly why, but the movie makes me laugh.”

5. Vin Diesel is a mega fan of Gone With The Wind , an authentic melodrama full of loves and desamores. We thought it would be some car racing movie or something like that.

6. Bill Clinton is not exactly a Hollywood celebrity , but the former President of the United States saw the High Noon film 17 times in the White House screening room.

7. Adrien Brody is a fan of Taxi Driver : “I love Robert De Niro’s work , especially his first films, I love it emotional, tragic and lost”.

8. Eric Bana is an admirer of Mad Max : “I love the combination of realism and surrealism in the film.” George Miller possessed an inherent ability to create a world that was believable but at the same time fantasized about the beautiful and the beautiful. mechanic”.

9. Harrison Ford is a fan of To Kill A Mockingbird : “When I saw the film, I was touched by its theatrical component, its ability for social commentary, and of course, I loved the performance of Gregory Peck .”

10. Jude Law worships The Night of the Hunter : “I was 12 years old when I saw this film for the first time, I recorded it on video and, being a very pretentious kid, when I invited a group of friends home I offered to see a classic in black and white. ”

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The Favorite Movies of Hollywood Celebrities Impelreport


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