Ferdinand 2017 Movie Poster Trailer Impelreport

Ferdinand is an animated film based on the life of a wild bull that opens on December 15, 2017.

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Ferdinand 2017

Ferdinand is a sensitive bull and nothing warrior. He is not like the other bulls, who spend the day puffing and muttering each other. Ferdinand prefers to smell the flowers, sitting under an oak, instead of competing fiercely with the other bulls. He is not a coward, he is simply a pacifist, and because of his fascination with nature, he refuses to fight.

As he lives in Spain, there, the dream of every bull is to let him participate in the bullfights of Madrid. But this does not interest Ferdinand at all. Of course, everything will change the day they take him to fight, when they capture him for being the biggest, strongest and fastest bull in the whole ranch, and force him to train to fight. Determined to return with his family, Ferdinand will join a group of misfits with whom he will live a great adventure.


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Ferdinand 2017 Movie Poster Trailer Impelreport



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