The First Two Months Of Kylie Jenner As A Mom Impelreport

The star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians gave birth to her first daughter on February 1 and since then many things have happened mainly very happy moments. Kylie’s first months as a mom have been the happiest of her life,” one source told E! News just a few days after the model received her Stormi. “She feels that being a mother is her true vocation, and it has never felt so good, having the baby at home has been the greatest joy, a sacred experience, euphoric and full of happiness.”

After remaining very private about her pregnancy, Kylie shared her journey as a mother in an 11-minute video. However, it was until February 6 that her fans finally knew the name the little girl would wear. A source shared with E! News “that the name had been decided for some time”.

The First Two Months Of Kylie Jenner As A Mom Impelreport

Jenner continued to share with his followers some moments of his life with his girl

“Kylie thinks it’s very fun to dress her every morning, she loves to organize Stormi’s baby closet,” said one source to E! News . “He has received so many gifts from his family and friends that basically Stormi things take up a large part of the house.”

But of course, the baby was not the only one to receive gifts. The new mother received a black Ferrari La Ferrari.

The First Two Months Of Kylie Jenner As A Mom Impelreport

On the other hand, the birth of Stormi brought with it the launch of a makeup line inspired by her, as well as the publication of her first selfies.

Like all parents, Kylie has experienced the challenges that this entails. “It has been a great fit for Kylie, but she is loving the face of mom, seeing all the little things Stormi does every day,” said a source close to E! News. “She is exhausted and very sensitive, but also completely in love.”

“She has a nurse specializing in babies who have been helping her in some moments of doubt and guiding,” the source added. “Her sisters have been a great help, a source of knowledge when it comes to how to feed the baby or on nerves, they talk all the time, they give tips on how to feed Stormi or their sleeping schedules.”

The First Two Months Of Kylie Jenner As A Mom Impelreport

Regarding the process of adaptation of Travis as a new father, the source said that “he is obsessed with the baby.”

“It’s never enough, he always wants to carry it and have it in. For him, it’s kind of surreal that they’ve created this, he’s working hard, but also spending time with Kylie and Stormi, he misses them a lot when he’s not there and wants to make sure they are missing. ”

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In fact, a fifth source told E! News that Stormi “has narrowed” their relationship, “taking it” to a new level. In this way, the new parents have managed to have some breaks from their duty as parents. They recently enjoyed a trip to Miami where they had lunch and dinner together. They were recently seen at the birthday party of Jordyn’s mom, Elizabeth Woods. And just a few days ago they celebrated Easter together, together with their family.

“They are giving space to go out alone, something that Kylie appreciates and enjoys,” said the same source. “He feels he has the best of both worlds with an amazing baby at home and with Travis doing the things they love doing together.”

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The First Two Months Of Kylie Jenner As A Mom Impelreport