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Foxtrot, the second film projected in Actual 2018, is a drama shot with so much ingenuity that it is able to provoke the spectator’s smile while narrating a tremendously hard story. Gentlemen, prepare for a shake of emotions where grief, loss, and mourning will stand out above the rest.

It is the second film of the Israeli director Samuel Maoz, who affirms that, if in his films he criticizes his country, it is because he worries and wants to protect him. It is a criticism made, always, from love. His first film, Lebanon (Lebanon), with a tank as the only stage, won the Golden Lion for Best Film at the 2009 Venice Film Festival.

Foxtrot 2017

Foxtrot is a co-production between Israel, Germany, France, and Switzerland; that, summarizing, shows the reality of the war: some people die and their families are destroyed. With it, Samuel Maoz has already won the Grand Jury Prize of the 2017 Venice Film Festival and the National Board of Review (NBR) for the best foreign film.

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The film takes place in Tel Aviv, although it says little about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It is divided into three acts, the first two overlapping in time. Jonathan Feldman (Yonatan Sharay), a young recruit from the Israeli army, is dead. His mother Davra (Sarah Adler) collapses before the news and is immediately sedated. His father Michael (Lior the Ashkenai) is invaded by fury. The military helps them prepare the funeral. The whole act is shot in close-ups focused mainly on them, the parents. The stage is nothing more than the protagonists’ apartment.

From this happens the second act with broad plans, which place Jonathan and three more young people at a checkpoint on a road in the middle of nowhere. A boring life in which every day is the same until an event changes everything. The fox-trot means “step fox” and is a popular American dance. Perhaps one of the funniest parts of the film has to do with this dance that gives the film its name.

Finally, we come to a third act that makes us reflect on the family. It is the most moving part. I can not say more since Foxtrot is a story that must be seen and discovered without too much prior information.

It has a simple and consistent script. Although the most dazzling are those planes of perfect dimensions, light, and color. Without forgetting the excellent interpretations of the protagonists.


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Foxtrot 2017 Movie Trailer Review Poster Impelreport