Future Man 2017 Hulu Tv Show Series Review Impelreport

Future Man is an American comedy television series that will premiere on the Hulu video service starting this November 14. Seth Rogen and his classic collaborator (and childhood friend) Evan Goldberg are executive producers of this series that features the performances of Josh Hutcherson, Eliza Coupe, Derek Wilson, Ed Begley Jr. and Glenne Headly.

Future Man 2017

The story here focuses on a young gamer (Hutcherson) who works as a janitor and one day two warriors who come from the future (Coupe and Wilson) appear and tell him that he is the best hope that humanity has to save the world. These warriors are from the year 2162 and all they know is to be in battles. The world they come from is very violent, they also have to live in the sewers and eat rats, so when they are in our present (and in the past, thanks to the fact that they can travel in time) they will see and experience many things for the first time.

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The series actually began to develop as a movie, but when they realized that the plot did not end in a film of an hour and a half it was decided to adapt it as a television show.

In this San Diego Comic-Con 2017 a teaser was released from the series that actually shows scenes behind the scenes but shows us the kind of humor we’ll see when it debuts. By the way, Headly died last month and recorded several episodes although he still lacked some. The producers confirmed that they would not replace it, so the writers will have to work on a way to fix the plot.


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Future Man 2017 Hulu Tv Show Series Review Impelreport



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