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Game Night 2018 Movie

Bateman and McAdams play Max and Annie, a couple whose weekly game night adds a new inducement when Max’s charismatic brother, Brooks (Chandler) organizes the party with a mysterious murder with false thugs and false federal agents. But when Brooks is kidnapped, they will begin to doubt if everything is part of the game or on the contrary nothing is what it seems. The six players will then have to try to solve the case and win during the course of a really chaotic night. Without rules, without points and without any idea about who are players and who are not, will be before the most fun game they have ever had … or end the game forever.

A film directed by Jonathan M. Goldstein ( Vacation ) and John Francis Daley (TV Series Bones ). It will feature actors such as Rachel McAdams ( Sherlock Holmes ), Jason Bateman ( How to kill your boss ) and Jesse Plemons ( Battlership ), among others.


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Game Night 2018 Movie Trailer Review Poster Impelreport