How To Get Rid Of Fat By Eating? Impelreport

How to end the fat eating ?, In this post, we will be talking about the full balance between exercise and eat what you want. The logic we have about thin people is that they eat very little, right? But the truth is that we are very wrong, at least in most cases.

How To Get Rid Of Fat By Eating? Impelreport

Dr. Bernard Guttin did a study in 2000 with 800 adolescents to know the relationship that diet and physical activity had with cardiovascular diseases.

The boys who ate the most were thin, while the fat ones ate less. The researchers assumed that physical activity could solve this question, although that was not the case. Actually, the exercise did not determine this, but it was vigorous exercise (running, jumping, lifting weights).

Something that is important in weight control is the brain. Not only eat to eat. It needs a self-control that looks like the muscular system since it is something that can be controlled. One of the ways to do it is with physical exercise, which encourages concentration and discipline.

Fat – Muscle.
Returning to Gatti’s study, he could never really get the accurate result with humans, although he did experiments on animals., Being mice the objects of study. Those who gave them too much food and did a lot of exercises increased their muscle tissue.

This was thanks to the stem cells that transformed the fatty tissue into muscle tissue. Although when they did not exercise, it became fat.

A good way to make the fatty tissue become muscle tissue is reaching the failure of the exercise with weights.

Paths against fat.
A hypercaloric diet often works for many people, but that does not mean it is or better because it usually has variable results depending on the metabolism of the person who applies it. What has proven to be the best way to lose weight is to perform workouts with high-intensity intervals, such as sprints, calisthenics, and horizontal thrusts.


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How To Get Rid Of Fat By Eating? Impelreport