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The expansion of the characters and plot of superhero comics in the movies and television series has reached a point of productivity that it is already difficult to keep track of everything that is done. It is already one more genre, which sometimes has worked very well and others not so much. The Gifted (in Spain on Fox) is Marvel’s last bet on television and falls within the group of products that work well (although they could improve).

The Gifted 2018

The series has as protagonists to the mutants of the comic factory, to that world of the X-Men that in the cinema already adds half a dozen of movies, although in this occasion they are less known personages than the Wolverine, Storm, Colossus or Cyclops . What at first seems to be a family drama ends up becoming a display of action and characters with powers in its first two episodes. The ideal in the future would be a balance between both conceptions.

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The family aspect, with two mutant children and a father whose job is to find mutants to have them controlled and the doubts that arise when he learns the condition of his children are the basis of the series. The eternal message of the X-Men movies of the search for equality in any aspect of life and the persecution of the one who is different (a theme that is also recurrent in many series lately in Trump’s time) is very clear.

The fiction recovers secondary and tertiary characters from the comics, such as Ave de Trueno or Polaris (eye, that here could have a relationship with Magneto as in the original story of this character), is produced by Bryan Singer (director of several of the films of the saga) and has several chapters coordinated by Len Wiseman ( Lucifer , Sleepy Hollow or the films of Underworld ).

The Gifted is closer to the world devised by Marvel in Agents of SHIELD that of the Netflix fictions (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Defenders …), which have created a Marvel subworld within the great cinematographic universe of The Avengers and company. And it is what a series of X-Men should be, with adventures, action and characters not very complicated but with which the viewer can feel comfortable (although the performances are regular). Pure and hard entertainment, which is not little.


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The Gifted 2018 Marvel Fox Tv Show Series Review Impelreport