Hostiles 2017 Movie Review Trailer Poster Impelreport


Set in 1892, Hostiles narrates the adventures of a legendary Army captain who pledges to accompany a dying War Chief Cheyenne and his family back to the tribal lands. For this, they will have to undertake an agonizing and dangerous journey through the mountainous meadows of New Mexico, where the old rivals will meet a young widow whose family was murdered in the plains. Together they will have to join forces to survive the punishing landscape and the hostile Comanche tribes that are on the way.

Scott Cooper ( Black Mass ) directs this western he has written based on a manuscript by Donald Stewart. Christian Bale ( The big bet ) is the protagonist of the film, while John Lesher ( Black Mass)) and Ken Kao ( Two good guys ) are in charge of production, set in the Old West.

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Hostiles 2017 Movie Review Trailer Poster Impelreport


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