Image Of Zayn Malik That Worried Everyone Impelreport

This Friday, Zayn Malik shared a new picture on his Instagram account, and although he left his fans a wink and a heart, the fact is that not everyone liked what they saw.

In the image, the star appears shirtless and with a lot of smoke coming out of his mouth, which shows that the former One Direction was smoking when capturing this selfie. And although some people thought it was a very hot picture, like his girlfriend Gigi Hadid, others were worried.

Image Of Zayn Malik That Worried Everyone Impelreport

After seeing the photo, his most loyal fans rushed to ask him to stop this habit.

“Please do not smoke, with every package you smoke you put your health at risk, please, dear … I love you more than anything … Do not hurt yourself,” wrote an Instagram user.

While someone else pointed out, “Zayn do not smoke for a … Smoke? … Disgusting! … @gigihadid please tell Zayn to stop smoking … it’s not a good habit … Zayn please stop smoking … You look good, do not take it badly, but please do not smoke so much, do it little … “.

Image Of Zayn Malik That Worried Everyone Impelreport

“I know it’s his decision, but his decision can have consequences that hurt him and others, smoking affects the lungs, leads to breathing problems, and the smoke that is smoked also affects the lungs of others,” reads another. commentary.

In 2016, Zayn revealed that smoking marijuana helped him in his creative process as a musician. The interpreter of Mind of Mind explained that he smoked the drug for a while but did not want to exert any influence on his fans.

Speaking about it, he said, “Sometimes it helps with the creative process if you smoke a good marijuana.”

In his interview with BeFoUr of NME, he also noted, “I probably smoke it for a while now.” And he continued, “I do not want to tell when I started because I did not want to influence anyone, it’s just something I do for myself.”


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Image Of Zayn Malik That Worried Everyone Impelreport