IPL Auction 2018 LIVE Updates Marquee Section Analysis

He may have skipped national tours to keep himself free and fit for the IPL, he may have reduced his base price too, but England’s Test skipper and a member of the fab four batting list, Joe Root ain’t finding any bidders in the first round. UNSOLD.

Manish Pandey will be laughing his way to the bank now as he has been bought by Sunrisers Hyderabad for a whooping sum of Rs 11 Crores. Pandey last played for KKR in the league and they even had the option of retaining him but they chose not to.

 Kolkata Knight Riders get back their star player Chris Lynn as they saw off the challenge from Delhi Daredevils and also Royal Challengers Bangalore. KKR buy Lynn for 9.6 crore. For those who there thinking why they didn’t use RTM on him is because KKR had already exhausted their foreigner quota in retention.

Yuvraj Singh too, once an icon for Punjab, gets back home. Finally, Punjab after all their troubles of losing players to RTMs and running out of budgets have managed to bag a big fish. No no, Yuvi is no fish, he’s a whale. And he’s sold for 2 crores — his base price. So, from 14cr to 16cr to 7cr and now to 2cr. It’s been a downward spiral.

IPL Auction 2018 LIVE Updates Marquee Section Analysis


After retaining three players, RCB finally open their account in the auction and it is none other than Brendon McCullum.

A quick round up of the last 15 minutes. This is super quick. Shakab Al Hasan has migrated from Kolkata to Hyderabad for 2 crores. Gautam Gambhir returns home to Delhi. Well he’s gone for peanuts, taking a massive pay cut from around 14 crores down to 2.8. Glenn Maxwell continues his love affair with hitting IPL jackpots, 9 crores to where it all started for him, DD.

Who would have thought Karun Nair will go for this much in the auction. His base price was 50 Lakh only.

Gopal Jha has skipped out of the mould of players coming up purely on the basis of hierarchy. Sadly it is a way of life, in the IPL too. He goes, “D’Arcy Short, Jofra Archer, Lungi Ngidi, Even Lewis could attract big bidding wars.”

The second set of marquee players are all set to go under the hammer now. Brace yourselves folks as this also going to be a blockbuster ride. Let’s see who all will be picked up now.

A quick listen in to a Rajasthan Royals official in the break on his big un-Royal-like buy, Ben Stokes, “ECB has cleared him for auction, he is legally available. We are a start-up company, we are bidding from the scratch. We are looking to build a team all over again. An all-rounder is very important for us. We are investing heavily on him because of that. Since all the star players are auctioned upfront, it seems like we are spending a lot. But there is no change in strategy from our end.”

Here’s Viren rubbing it in with some cheek caught up in his tongue – “For a change, Harbhajan Singh snatching R. Ashwin’s place in CSK.”

Harbhajan Singh comes up first. 2 crores for him. And 2 crores it will be. It’s the Ashwin-less Chennai Super Kings, who’ve snapped him up. Nervous, sad faces at the Mumbai desk. No they can’t retain him either. So then. This is shuffling up pretty quickly.

We’re ready for round two. Phew, that 15 minute break was 15 minutes.

So that was the first round for you. In case you’re the bid-by-bid kind of a person, there’s a ‘live tracker’ out there on the site/app to help you deal with life. Trust us, we’ve spent sleepless nights getting it up and ready for today.

And the last one in the list is Mitch Starc. He’s attracting a bidding war between Kings XI and Kolkata. Both relentless. He’s one guy who can’t be stolen by an RTM. 2-4-6-8. A massive discussion. And Punjab pull out at 9.2 crores. All KKR have to do is raise one more bid. And Starc is theirs at 9.4 crores. Eden has a new name to chant.

IPL Auction 2018 LIVE Updates Marquee Section Analysis

Ajinkya Rahane is up. Punjab yet again start the bid, win the bid, pipping Mumbai out. 4 crores. Is he set to get RTM-ed too? Oh yes. Poor Kings..they’ve practically lost everyone. So Ajinkya Rahane will be back in Jaipur, in that navy blue jersey.

IPL Auction 2018 LIVE Updates Marquee Section Analysis

It’s Faf du Plessis’ turn to come up next. A base price of 1.5 crores. Just the one bid to get him up to 1.6 crores. Yet again, another player Punjab bags is stolen, courtesy RTM. CSK match and Faf will turn back at the Chepauk.

IPL Auction 2018 LIVE Updates Marquee Section Analysis
Ben Stokes, pub brawl or not, is still just as hot a property. Chennai start, Punjab (duh!) hop in. CSK’s budget runs out at 6.4 crores. Or is this all a ploy to send bids into a tizzy. KKR jump in, fight with Punjab to 11. And all of a sudden both back out, only for Rajasthan to come, bid for 12.5 and Stokes is a Royal.

And at number four is Chris Gayle. Nobody seems keen. Not one bid. A very awkward 120 seconds these, with everybody looking at everybody else. So all the build up for the Universe Boss fizzles. Mind you, it’s only the first round. UNSOLD.
Keiron Pollard turns up at number three. Once again, it is an overtly enthusiastic Punjab who start off the war. Mumbai follow up. Punjab back out at 5.2 crores. Delhi raise it to 5.4. And he’s sold to Delhi. Or not. Mumbai were always bringing up that RTM. 5.4 for the big man is dirt cheap. In fact Delhi never even bothered celebrating, Mumbai were always doing this, poker faced.

Ravichandran Ashwin is up next. Once again it is the Kings XI who start. And this time they are determined. Keep going in to 7.6 crores in the war with Rajasthan Royals. CSK for all their ‘going all out’ for him have gone only up to 3.8 crores. And he’s SOLD..Ashwin turns Punjabi.

Here we go then, up comes the first player from the bag and it is Shikhar Dhawan. Kings XI start..Rajasthan Raise..Mumbai hop in..Punjab win. And there’s the surprise hop in. A quietly watching Hyderabad swoop in like the secret date and steal him for 5.2 crores.

An already-pessimistic Sujoy Ghosal is pretty sure that RCB and bidding logic don’t match – “It’s going to be tough to RCB to get Chahal by RTM. Instead if they had retained him, it would have cost around 7 crore or something close to that depending on mutual agreement . Now, they might be lured to pay 10 crore+ and making an unbalanced team agaaaaaain.”

Atul Darade – “From which set of players will the auction start?” — It’s the eight-player marquee set – Gayle, Ashwin, Dhawan, Faf, Pollard, Rahane, Starc and Stokes

“Rajasthan Royals not retaining Rahane can prove costly to them and his last innings will only fire up the his price!!” goes Bachhav Ritesh

Here’s Mohit Jha starting us off – “Is it fair to bid for England player as they will depart before play-offs this year and also mid IPL next year ?” — Well you’d rather have names like Root, Bairstow, Stokes and Buttler on your side even for half a season rather than formulating plans for them.

Here are a few tweets to get you started as the tizzy of the auction has stretched its tentacles, far and wide:

There’s a pitch in the other corner of the world that people don’t want to play on, and then there’s this one in Bengaluru people don’t want to get off. So do join in this experience, keep sending us your comments/suggestions/analysis/advice/sledges to us, tweeting to our twitter handle , using the hashtag #IPLOnCricbuzz. For the non-tweeters like me, . So..let’s indulge..

Once the marquee players are done, we turn our attention towards a list of batsman (BA1), the all-rounders (AL1), the wicket-keepers (WK1) and the bowlers (FA1 for faster men and SP1 for the spinners). Remember, all the players coming under this category are capped players. The next set of players up for bidding are the uncapped players and they follow the same route. In total, there are as many as 14 rounds of players coming under various specialization categories. One of the rare continuities is the same guy with the hammer.

The first of eight players includes ‘Universe Boss’ Chris Gayle, Australia’s Mitchell Starc, England’s premier all-rounder, Ben Stokes, and India’s very own Ravichandran Ashwin, Shikhar Dhawan and Ajinkya Rahane. The next set of eight players then include the cream of players from different nationalities.

There are as many as 578 players who have found their way to the final auction list and as many as 180-190 of them will find a team for sure. The bidding has been divided into several sub-sections – in accordance with the specializations of the players. All eyes though will be on the first two sets of players, aptly named the ‘marquee list’ – for it contains those names that are expected to create a splash among the franchises. Here’s an FAQ

IPL Auction 2018 LIVE Updates Marquee Section Analysis

I am Vineet Anantharaman and here’s Pradeep Krishnamurthy helping you get through the day with details on how the auction is going to proceed.

IPL Auction 2018 LIVE Updates Marquee Section Analysis

Right then..it’s come to that time of the year, where players turn into little wooden nuggets pulled out of a bag. Where filthy rich men and women sit around in circles with millions of dollars to be thrown out. Where a hammer and a few paddles decide what your drives and pulls are worth. Welcome, to the second decade of this mad extravaganza we can never get enough of. Bring out your scientific calculators, bracket in your budgets, punch in your preferences, hide your RTMs and save the choicest of abuses for your team’s owners.


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IPL Auction 2018 LIVE Updates Marquee Section Analysis