Judge Dredd Mega-City One 2018 Tv Show Series Review Impelreport

Karl Urban could again scour the streets of Mega-City One if he finally signs a contract for the new television series ‘ Judge Dredd ‘. The creative team responsible for the remake of 2012 is currently working on a new television show set in the post-apocalyptic future defended by the bloodthirsty police corps of the Dredd.

Judge Dredd Mega-City One 2018

The producers have already expressed their intentions to bring back to Urban as the Dredd protagonist of the new serial, and apparently the feeling is reciprocal. According to ComicBook reports, the actor told fans at the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas that he would be happy to put on the suit of relentless justice once again.

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“I’m in talks with them about that,” he said at the event. ” I told them that if they wrote good material and gave Dredd a reason to create a good show, I would be there . ” Previously, the producers have already defined the project as “a tribute to the legions of fans who have maintained the pressure on social networks” since Dredd came to the big screen.

Currently the production plan of ‘ Judge Dredd : Mega-CityOne’ is to shoot in the UK the first season before its release, scheduled for 2019 . It will be the third time that fans can see the adventures of the character, after the aforementioned film of 2012, and starring Sylvester Stallone in 1995.


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Judge Dredd Mega-City One 2018 Tv Show Series Review Impelreport