Kim Kardashian Meets With Trump To Discuss Prison Reform

WASHINGTON — Kim Kardashian West met with President Trump at the White House on Wednesday, and the subject appeared a far-fetched one for a marvelous superstar and beautifying agents tycoon: jail change.

Kim Kardashian Meets Trump


In any case, the purpose behind Ms. Kardashian West’s advantage is the situation of Alice Johnson, a 63-year-old Tennessee lady who, as indicated by the philanthropic venture Can-Do, was condemned in 1996 to life in jail on charges identified with cocaine ownership and tax evasion.

Brittany K. Barnett, an individual from Ms. Johnson’s legitimate group, said Ms. Kardashian West and her legal advisor, Shawn Chapman Holley, were booked to meet with a gathering of White House authorities — incorporating the president’s child in-law and senior counselor, Jared Kushner. Their objective was to raise the issue of pardon for Ms. Johnson.


They wound up meeting with not only the underlying gathering, but rather with the president, as well.”It was extremely broad,” Ms. Barnett said of the gathering. “We simply don’t have a clue, yet it appears like the gathering was sure, and it is in President Trump’s hands presently with respect to what he chooses to do.”The president posted on Twitter quickly a while later about what he called an “extraordinary gathering,” and he said that they had examined “jail change and condemning.”The White House is auditing Ms. Johnson’s case, an organization official said.

As a main impetus behind her family’s sizable realm, Ms. Kardashian West’s capacity to effectively champion causes, offer her products and decry her faultfinders matches the president’s. She is additionally one of only a handful couple of prominent big names to get through the opposition inclining power field a lot of Hollywood has drawn around itself with regards to connecting with the Trumps.

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Ms. Kardashian West told the site Mic that she had turned out to be enlivened to help battle the charges against Ms. Johnson in the wake of viewing a viral video the site had made that portrayed the case.”There was a motivation behind why I was taking a gander at my Twitter right then and there,” Ms. Kardashian West said of when she wound up mindful of the case. “I was intended to go over it.”

Ms. Barnett, who has filled in as an individual from Ms. Johnson’s legitimate group since November, said that Ms. Kardashian West and Ms. Johnson have talked via telephone however have never met face to face.”We’re thankful that Kim is utilizing her stage to sparkle light on this issue,” Ms. Barnett said in a meeting. “Alice Johnson has paid her obligation to society. To keep her imprisoned a day longer is ethically and monetarily weak.”

In the Mic talk with, Ms. Kardashian West said she had been in contact with the White House in the interest of Ms. Johnson to bring “her case to the president’s work area” and to campaign the White House to discharge her. A White House official affirmed Wednesday that Ms. Kardashian West had contacted Mr. Kushner, who has been chipping away at jails and the condemning issue, through his better half, Ivanka Trump, the president’s oldest little girl.

Kim Kardashian Meets Trump

Ms. Kardashian West’s visit may likewise wind up unintentionally featuring the contentions and difficult tasks ahead for the organization’s arrangement for a criminal equity framework upgrade. Mr. Kushner has steered on the task and is pushing enactment that could help diminish recidivism by offering motivators for detainees, including work preparing programs, asylums and early discharge.

Be that as it may, Mr. Kushner has experienced restriction from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a hard-liner who a year ago started turning around the Obama organization’s endeavors to ease punishments, similar to compulsory least sentences, for some peaceful medication infringement. A distinction in sees has prompted a turf-war that as of late brought about the renunciation of the executive of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Kim Kardashian Meets Trump

How much Ms. Kardashian West’s enthusiasm for the upgrade of the criminal equity framework grows past Ms. Johnson’s case is misty. Ms. Kardashian West was not quickly accessible for input on Wednesday, but rather subsequent to promoting her new line of naked lip liners and sharing musings from her sister on parenthood, she talked specifically about Ms. Johnson to her 60 million Twitter devotees: “Upbeat Birthday Alice Marie Johnson. Today is for you.”After the gathering, Mrs. Kardashian West said in an announcement transferred through her marketing expert that she was confident Mr. Trump would inevitably concede Ms. Johnson pardon.

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Kim Kardashian Meets With Trump To Discuss Prison Reform