Kiri 2018 Tv Show Series Review Star Cast Impelreport

As soon as I realized that Sarah Lancashire was a central character in this new production, I knew it was going to be good. Sarah, in her role as a human services case-manage working largely with young people and adoptive families (and possibly troubled families in general, we shall see) just eats it up, as usual, and gives us a diamond character, in the rough of course. Some might believe she’s been typecast and although there may be some similarity here to her role as a weary and wary copper in Happy Valley, it is only in her ability to portray courage, compassion with human foible so well; the characters are very different people. ‘Miriam’ is not tough and hard here like ‘Catherine’ is., though definitely exudes the personality of an experienced, down to earth woman. It’s early days but we are introduced to a woman who seems almost happy-go-lucky way.

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Much more light-hearted and humor in her approach. It becomes clear early on though that this may be a necessary facade to cope with previous tragedy in her life. And alas, it now seems she is to be the scapegoat for a terrible tragedy she could not foresee occurring with a child she is the case manager for. But herein lies the mystery and the drama; perhaps we may see sides of Miriam which will lead us to question this ‘diamond’. And question all involved in the life of the young girl at the center of the tragedy, including the involvement of ‘the system’ as her ‘warden of care’. So far, there are believable and sterling performances by all. I am also quite impressed with standouts Lucian Msamati and Claire Rushbrook. Perhaps the only weakness I personally see (others may not) revolve around the central adoptive family who seems a little too good to be truly juxtaposed to what I feel is a rather callous disregard for their adopted child’s family of origin. That is a flimsy observation on my behalf at this stage. It’s only one episode for me thus far, after all. So I await eagerly the thick to plotten…


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Kiri 2018 Tv Show Series Review Star Cast Impelreport