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Tom Cullen grew up among castles in North Wales. A place impregnated with the Arthurian legends where the actor played with his friends at the foot of the medieval ruins. A couple of decades later he’s still playing at being a gentleman, but now at work. Cullen (known for his role as Lady Mary’s suitor in Downton Abbey ) is the protagonist of Knightfall , an original series of the American History channel, which premieres HBO on Thursday, and tells how the Order of the Knights Templar fell in the XIV century.

“My wild gang of friends and I played around these castles and pretended to be knights, this series is an extension of that, as an adult I love to feel the innocence of that time, and often on the set it was little Tom,” he says. actor to EL PAÍS in a hotel in Madrid. Cullen plays Landry, a Templar knight whose faith is renewed 15 years after the fall of Acre, a historic moment that marked the end of the Crusades, for the news that comes from the alleged reappearance of the Holy Grail. It was so joyful to immerse yourself again in a medieval world of adventures as when I was a kid, that a couple of those friends he talks about got them into the series as extras to enjoy the experience with them.

Knightfall 2018


“Landry is the most complex character I’ve played to date, he’s a guy who is at war with himself, he’s a pious and religious man who discovers his humanity,” explains Cullen. “He is very loyal to his brotherhood, but he lies to them and has an affair with a woman, he is a fierce warrior, but he begins to be aware of his own mortality.” It is a very brave decision on the part of the creators of the series to have a character principal who has so many defects being a hero, “the actor describes Landry.

Cullen remarks that it is not a series about the Crusades of Christians against Muslims. “He talks more about how religion is used by man with greed, by power, religion and faith is distorted and manipulated by human needs, the series is not about facing one belief against another.” The Holy Grail is a metaphor on access to power, “says the actor. The series tries to explain what happened to the knights after the Crusades. “Traditionally, viewers are accustomed to seeing a series about someone’s rise, this is something more complex and attractive, it is a bold choice, there is not a single character that is not multidimensional and complex, that is not full of contradictions and that do not make bad decisions, everyone gets their hands dirty in this series, “he explains.

Cullen is thrilled to have returned to his childhood with this fiction of ten episodes and, as expected, will have many more seasons. But not everything was so pleasant on the set. On the one hand, for having to record the action scenes with mails of many kilos of weight. On the other hand, because the sets were burned at the beginning of production. “They erected medieval Paris in the largest studios in Europe, in Prague, there were palaces, alleys, markets, churches, shops, it was amazing, 400 people, seven days a week to build it for four months, and it burned in two hours. It was very painful, but they reconstructed it while we were shooting and we did not miss a day of recording, “says Cullen. “These amazing Czech workers did an inspiring job. They worked hard and literally restored the series’ life from its ashes. It was a privilege to work with them, “he concludes.

The production of the channel Historia wants, as it does with the Vikings series , to get as close as possible to reality without losing the spirit of fun. “We tried to tell the most honest and authentic who these men were without forgetting to do an entertaining series, we have worked hard to make it look real, and that is the beauty of the drama versus the documentary. With the drama you can immerse yourself in a world, disappear for an hour and imagine and feel what could be the life of these people, and make it fun and entertaining, “says the interpreter. For him, at least, as fun as playing with wooden swords in an old medieval castle.


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Knightfall 2018 Tv Show Series Review Trailer Impelreport