Kylie Jenner First Time Publically Since The Birth Of Stormi

Kylie Jenner was seen for the first time since she gave birth to her first child.

The beautiful star Keeping Up With the Kardashians was photographed in Los Angeles on Saturday, leaving a Range Rover truck, in the company of her best friend Jordyn Woods. A little over a week ago, Kylie welcomed Stormi Webster, the baby she had with her boyfriend Travis Scott, on February 1st.

Kylie Jenner First Time Publically After The Birth Of Stormi

Kylie had been very absent during her pregnancy.

The model was seen wearing black sports shorts, a Prada waistband and a white jacket combined with tennis.

It seems that this may be the first time that Jenner leaves Stormi at home since she gave birth, as a source tells us that she is “very attached” to her baby.

Kylie Jenner First Time Publically After The Birth Of Stormi

“She’s tired, but she’s getting used to the crazy hours,” she shared E! News a nearby source. “She’s very close to Stormi, honestly, she never wants to leave her out of sight, not because she can not trust anyone, but because she’s just so happy to be with her baby.”

The source adds that “he likes to take the lead with his girl and Travis leaves her”.

“Travis has a lot of patience,” the informant continues. “They’re cute together, it shows that Travis is learning, he loves both his baby and Kylie, he likes to see that connection.”

The source also noted that Kylie “has not yet begun to exercise,” simply “is eating healthy and taking care of herself.” The “main focus” of Kylie is Stormi.

Shortly after Kylie welcomed Stormi, a source shared how the first days of motherhood of the beauty mogul went.

“The first days of motherhood have been the happiest days of her life,” said one source. “She feels that being a mother is her true vocation and that there is nothing that feels so good.” Taking the baby home has been the greatest joy and the most sacred experience, it is euphoric and full of joy Kylie was so ready to meet He had been counting the weeks of what seemed like an eternity, he can not believe that he is finally here and in his arms, and this journey is beginning. ”

The source also noted that Kylie was also “very relieved” to share the news of the baby with her fans.

“It’s been a lot of work to keep something hidden about what she’s been so excited about,” the source said. “The fact that the news comes out feels like a weight on his back.”

On February 7, Hailey Baldwin applauded her friend Kylie for handling her pregnancy in a “mature way”.

“I’m very excited for her,” the model told. “I think she’s so amazing about doing this the way she did, I think it was a very mature way to handle this whole thing, to be 20 (years old) and to welcome a child into the world is not easy. for nobody, so I want to say that she will be the best mother of all. ”


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Kylie Jenner First Time Publically Since The Birth Of Stormi