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Ever been to Vegas? Ever taken a red-eye to Vegas? Well, how about taken a bus to Vegas? Well for you naysayers, I think not. I am not saying that the pilot episode of LA to Vegas knocked my socks off or hit it out of the ballpark, but there is a varied eclectic cast of characters that I see great potential in this comedy series.

Take Nicole (Olivia Macklin) for instance, she is a stripper who travels from LA to Vegas on a regular basis in an effort to recruit new strippers for the Vegas strip club she works at as she gets a bonus for every new girl she brings in.

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Then there is the pilot Captain Dave (Dylan McDermott) who uses his position to pick up girls and bring them to his cockpit. A regular on this flight is a veteran gambler named Artem (Peter Stormare) who gambles by superstitions and will bet on anything including a young couples marriage vows. Captain Dave’s co-pilot Alan (Amir Talai) who aspired to be a dancer (and apparently still does) seems to have more luck picking up the ladies than Captain Dave does.

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The lead actress in the series is Kim Matula who plays stewardess Ronnie who hates her job as a puddle jumper flight attendant and aspires to become a Delta stewardess on international flights. Ronnie knows how to make her passengers happy even if she appears to be miserable doing it, as she states “I go on my gut”. So she attempts to have sex in the plane’s bathroom with a British passenger (Ed Weeks) but gets interrupted. Her peer steward is gay Bernard (Nathan Lee Graham). Bernard is very content in his job and tries to explain to Ronnie she is perfect as his peer stewardess. Bernard sees how easy it is for Ronnie to make their repeat passengers comfortable on their multiple flights to and from LA to Vegas.

The show is not about what happens in Vegas but what happens on the flights from LA to Vegas and from Vegas back to LA. So I say give this series a chance and watch a few more episodes and I am quite sure it will grow on us, just like the future multiple Golden Globe and Emmy winning series Seinfeld did after being bashed in the media continuously during its first flight (no pun intended).


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LA to Vegas 2018 Fox Tv Show Series Review Impelreport