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“There is no greater love than that of a mother for her children”, resounds a well-known phrase in our minds when we sit down to watch “Loveless” since the film shows us that this may not be entirely true.

The new feature film by Russian director Andrey Zvyagintsev (“Leviathan”, Oscar nominated for Best Foreign Film 2014 and whose current film is among the shortlisted 2018) focuses on a couple about to divorce, where each seeks the form to move forward with a new company. But in the middle is his only son, which no one wants to take over. All the actions have consequences and this hostile family climate will lead to the disappearance of the child.

Loveless 2018 Movie

“Loveless” is a film that in the first hour presents its context and only after half exposes its central conflict, which will develop during the rest of the film. Both parties are related in an intrinsic way, without the beginning, there would be no outcome.

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While the director made a critique of the government and the Russian authority in “Leviathan”, here he seeks to show a superficial society (concerned about technology and how its image is seen through social networks and where work matters more than the family ). The film talks about love and lack of love, raising children, responsibilities of parents, the role of parenthood today (and the constant search for the individual within a family), personal goals and frustrations, decision-making and the assumption of subsequent consequences.


However, it is not a story that reflects only the reality of modern Russia, but quietly this family can be found anywhere in the world, making the argument becomes universal and many can feel identified in at least one of the aspects treated.

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This reality also generates that it does not fall into clichés or fantasies, where one could foresee that before the advent of a crisis, the couple unites in pursuit of the welfare of their child, but that the conflict between them continues and increases. It is an authentic, dramatic and sentimental story.

The cast is very well each in his role. The little time the child is on screen is enough to capture the unhappiness of a 12-year-old boy, who may seem to understand very little of the situation, but who absorbs the conflicts of his parents.

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The same happens with the photography and setting of the story, which provides a very hostile climate of Russia, revealing the true feelings of the protagonists, as well as making the conflict itself difficult.

In short, “Loveless” is one of those movies that are not seen frequently, which uses a case of disappearance to capture the reality and the decline of the family in particular and society in general, where individualism prevails over the community or the interests of others. Again, the Russian director assumes the responsibility of deepening human crises with a great height, a good narrative, and an impeccable technique.


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Loveless 2018 Movie Trailer Review Poster Impelreport