Lucy Hale’s House Was Assaulted Impelreport

Lucy Hale was the victim of a robbery last week. News confirmed that the actress’ house in San Fernando Valley was recently stolen. According to TMZ, Hale’s house was assaulted on Friday, January 5, in the morning hours. The site reports that the thieves entered Hale’s house after breaking one of their windows and proceeded to steal more than $ 15,000 in bags and jewelry.

Fortunately, Hale was not home at the time of the robbery, TMZ reported. This Tuesday, the star took his Twitter account to share that no one was injured in the robbery. “Thanks for all the words of support about my house, fortunately, no one got hurt,” he tweeted. “Sad to have lost some things with sentimental value, but grateful for being safe”.

Lucy Hale's House Was Assaulted Impelreport

And Hale does not allow this incident to affect his spirit, yesterday he posted a photo on Instagram where he referred to his attendance at the TCA for his next show, Life Sentence.

During the last year, they have stolen several star houses in the Los Angeles area. In October, Mariah Carey’s home was stolen, and the thieves escaped with about $ 50,000 in bags and sunglasses. In addition, during the summer, Hilary Duff’s house was also stolen while the actress was on vacation with her son.


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Lucy Hale’s House Was Assaulted Impelreport