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The new and splendid series of the BBC, McMafia , on the oligarchs and organized crime in Russia, offers the viewer many exciting moments. Who could have imagined that a caviar knife could be so lethal? Or that the assassins could reach the counties of East and Southeast England and dirty the elegant furniture with a bloody message from Moscow?

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The most purest Russian connoisseurs have expressed some reservations. Would Alex Godman, educated in the United Kingdom and the son of a Russian mobster, played by James Norton, talk to his father in English and without a hint of an accent? And where are the bodyguards? After all, they are part of the day-to-day life of any businessman in Moscow who boasts, and yet his absence is remarkable in situations where the intervention of a tough guy would be necessary.

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Despite these details, the underlying ideas, which are based on a non-fiction book written by journalist Misha Glenny, describe a reality. Organized crime organizations can still move large amounts of money around the world, thanks to a banking and financial system that allows them to hide behind an anonymous business network and asks few questions.

Investigative journalism has made many efforts to tear down walls of secrecy around accounts in tax havens. In 2016, the Guardian collaborated with other media outlets to publish the Panama papers, based on documentation from the Mossack Fonseca law firm, which specializes in setting up shell companies.


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McMafia 2018 BBC Tv Show Series Trailer Poster Impelreport