Mira lo que has hecho 2018 Tv Show Series Review Trailer Impelreport

Look what you’ve done’ is the original new Movistar + fiction in which Berto Romero plays himself. The series premieres in February 2018 and narrates with much comedy the experience of the fatherhood of Berto and Sandra from the point of view of the couple .

Starting from that point, the series, which includes some autobiographical features of Berto, tells an iconic and realistic portrait of a modern and contemporary couple who faces the difficult task of being parents. Everything from a comical point, close and irreverent. The fiction shows the emotional ups and downs and the learning curve that parents go through , since their son, whose name is Lucas, changes their lives completely, affecting their personal and sentimental relationships with their relatives.

Mira lo que has hecho 2018 Tv Show

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The series consists of six chapters and each one lasts around 20 minutes. It has been recorded entirely in Barcelona and its surroundings in just 8 weeks. In addition, it is an original idea of ​​Berto, who had a long time with the desire to make fiction. As for the cast, this is nourished by a cast consisting of Mariano Venancio, Chete Lera, Carmen Esteban, Anna Carreño, Juanfra Suarez or Jordi Aguilar. He also has Eva Ugarte as co-star of the series .



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Mira lo que has hecho 2018 Tv Show Series Review Trailer Impelreport