Molly’s Game 2017 Movie Trailer Review Poster Impelreport

Aaron Sorkin already exhibited his creative talent with the screenplays of Matter of Honor, Social Network, and Moneyball, among many others. Now the New Yorker is ready to face his great test of fire: his debut as a director with Molly’s Game.

Molly's Game 2017 Movie Trailer Review Poster Impelreport

The film will adapt the memories of Molly Bloom, a professional skier whose sporting glory took second place when she entered the world of poker, where she began a successful -although turbulent- trajectory that put her in the sights of the FBI. The project will have a screenplay adapted by Sorkin himself, who will also have the invaluable histrionic support of Jessica Chastain as the titular character and Idris Elba as his defense lawyer.

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“The casting of Jessica and Idris in the leading roles is the dream come true of any director,” said the new director some time ago. “They are two of the best actors of their generation, together for the first time and with a chemistry that will be electric”.


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We are sure that it will be so because Molly’s Game is already considered among the main contenders for the next awards season. His chances increase even more with the cast complimented by the experienced Kevin Costner and an unexpected Michael Cera that could well offer the performance of his life.


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Molly’s Game 2017 Movie Trailer Review Poster Impelreport