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Until now, all Marvel movies could be classified as action movies and adventures with touches of comedy. Josh Boone has decided that it is time to explore new territories and the result is The New Mutants, the first film in the X-Men universe that delves into the terror of being a mutant.

The New Mutants 2018 Movie

The new mutants are the unimaginative name given to a group of teenagers recruited by Professor Xavier in the absence of the X-Men. They are all too young to control their powers, they are afraid of what they can do, and some have even hurt other people without intending it.

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But Xavier does not come out yet in the trailer. If we add to that a suspicious institution that has them locked up in a mansion and studies them as guinea pigs, we have the perfect ingredients for a horror movie in which children must face not only the reality of their abilities but also unscrupulous scientists. and something else that lurks from the house.

The New Mutants also has some well-known and talented faces of the current television scene. Maisie Williams ( Game of Thrones ) plays Wolfsbane, Charlie Heaton (Jonathan in Stranger Things ) is Cannonball and Anna Taylor-Joy ( Split ) plays Magik. They are accompanied by Henry Zaga as Sunspot and Blu Hunt in the role of Mirage. The film opens on April 13, 2018. [via Movieclips Trailers]

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The New Mutants 2018 Movie Trailer Review Poster Impelreport