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The first hook of Have a Nice Day is the style of animation, which is abandoned today and was a rage in the nineties, mainly in series of the MTV television network, such as Beavis and Butthead (Mike Judge, 1992-1997 ) or Darya (Glenn Eichler, Susie Lewis Lynn, 1997-2001). Then we find a crime story, which takes place in a clearly marginal environment, surrounded by a lot of jokes and allusions to a Chinese humor that can often cost us to understand.

Have a Nice Day 2018 Movie

Xiao Zhang, a taxi driver who desperately looks for money to pay for his girlfriend’s plastic surgery, steals a bag with a million Chinese yuan, that’s when a series of very funny (and ridiculous) sequences of all characters that seek to seize such fortune.

Have a Nice Day shows us that not everything is merely oriental in it, beyond the style of animation (which is far from the traditional oriental drawings and much closer to the American style imposed by Mike Judge), also makes explicit quotations to classics of the American cinema, like a poster of the great Rocky Balboa by Sylvester Stallone and an infinity of shots that anyone could presume to have taken from a Tarantino film, such is the case of the scene in which two men are looking into a trunk in which his victim is found.

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Jian Liu directs his second film, having already filmed in 2010 Piercing I, another animated film that uses the same technique used to Have a Nice Day. We should also mention that the Chinese director also wrote both films, in addition to co-producing them. The sound, by Li Danfeng, seeks to give us a sense of shock and solemnity, highlighting what the image already seeks to convey through a great work of Lin Shan in the direction of photography and Lai Baoer in the artistic direction.

The predominance of nightlife, dark characters and a fairly mediocre life, give an air of decadence, self-destruction to Have a Nice Day, which often leads to some funny gags. All this decline of the characters slowly leads to an end that contains a moral message, but that regardless of it, it is very funny.

This film by Jian Liu takes many elements of traditional western cinema and places them in a purely oriental environment, generating a clash between two cultures. Does it work? We think so, although many times we can get to ask what meaning might have to have some other plane or scene (understand a plan of about two minutes of water running through a river or a scene based on something that we assume is a reality show Chinese – in a comedy tone -).

Have a Nice Day explores several genres, such as comedy and gangster movies in a decadent and dark context. The most moralizing is the message left by this film towards the end, when all the characters involved converge towards a tragicomic ending.

Have a Nice Day 2018 Movie Trailer Review Poster Impelreport