North Korea “destroys” US Aircraft Carrier New Propaganda

A portal controlled by the dictatorship of Kim Jong-un disclosed images of Donald Trump and an alleged attack on bombers and the USS Carl Vinson American ship, after the flight of military fighters on the Korean peninsula.

North Korea "destroys" US Aircraft Carrier New Propaganda

The propaganda apparatus of Kim Jong-un disclosed this weekend to video in which, with digital edition, showed the destruction of US fighters and aircraft carriers, in response to the military maneuvers carried out by the Pentagon on the Korean peninsula. Read More Exclusive News at impelreport.

On Saturday, the United States deployed from Guam and Japan bombers B-1B and F-15C Eagle fighters, who flew in international airspace over the waters of North Korea, as a show of force. Quickly, Pyongyang responded with a video in which I threatened to annihilate the enemy ships, through the state site DPRK Today.

The regime combined videos of Pukguksong missile launches with the alleged destruction of fighters and bombers, adding explosive and fire effects.

North Korea “destroys” US Aircraft Carrier New Propaganda



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