How To Publish A Story On Instagram? Impelreport

How to publish a story on Instagram ?, actually being able to publish a story is very simple, with many tools to make the story shared with your followers much more interesting and fun.

How To Publish A Story On Instagram? Impelreport

Take a photo.

To start, you can take a photo outside the application, that is, from the camera application of your cell phone, or directly from Instagram in the stories section. This section can be found in the upper left part of your application in the form of a camera.

Use an effect

As in the posts of your Instagram account, within the stories you can also use some filters for the photos. To see them, you only have to make a swipe to the left already with your photo taken.

The filters range from a new hue in the color, as in putting the date of the same, the speed and even the temperature.

You can also upload a video.

There is the option to upload a short video within your stories, although here there are also some variants. As you can see, at the bottom you have a menu where you can see different options for your publication.

From doing a normal publication, that is, without any filter, to making a video in reverse (rewind), one with dramatic background music next to a zoom, one more with another musical background “amosoro”, etc.

The options that are given are many and even fun for you and your contacts.

What else can I add?

You can add an emoji, hashtags, write within the publication, make notes or draw with your finger the figure you want, etc.

Filters for face.

Face filters can be activated with the front camera and pressing your finger where your face is, then you can see all the filters and frames available by the application.

Some are interactive and allow to be used together with more people, changing when making a gesture, or movement.


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How To Publish A Story On Instagram? Impelreport