Russia Growing Closer to India Enemy Pakistan What is the Meaning?

What has reduced American influence in Pakistan, Russia immediately extended the hand of friendship towards him. Russia’s old antagonist, Russia is now building a military, diplomatic and economic relationship with it. It is believed that this move by Russia could end the historic alliance in Pakistan and make a big market for Moscow’s energy companies.

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Russia, ready to forget all, has extended its support to Pakistan at a time when the relationship between the United States and its historic allied countries is not able to secure due to the war in Afghanistan . Although the relationship between Russia and Pakistan and the closeness are still at the initial stages, but China has also been helping Pakistan a lot. After the American influence came down, China also had financial support on several occasions. Now Russia has lost its relationship with Russia and Pakistan in a lifeless relationship because of military and many energy deals.

At the same time, Defense Minister Khurram Dastgir told the agency Reuters, “This is just the beginning. To open the doors of the future, both countries will have to work together, forgetting the past. ‘ Let us say that last month Pakistan Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif went on a visit to Russia where the two countries agreed on military cooperation to fight ISIS.

Russia-India Friendship

While Pakistan is getting support from China on the one hand, on the other hand, now its old enemy, Russia, has also extended its hand. In this case, it can be a matter of concern for India as Russia has been a friend of India. At the same time, India and China have always been battling about the border dispute. In such a way, Russia is not digesting Pakistan towards Pakistan. India’s concern over relations between Pakistan and Russia has been there since ever since Russia and Pakistan started joint military exercises last year.


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Russia Growing Closer to India Enemy Pakistan What is the Meaning?