San Francisco Prohibits The Sale of Skins Impelreport

San Francisco became the largest city in the United States to prohibit the sale of skins as a way to protect animals.

The Supervisory Board of this California city , traditionally liberal, voted unanimously on Tuesday.

Humane Society International (HSI) , the animal advocacy association, celebrated the measure: “It is a historic and exciting vote for both animals and for compassionate consumption, and we hope the world is watching.”

Two smaller Californian cities – West Hollywood and Berkeley – had already banned the sale of skins .

Similar prohibitions exist in India and in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, HSI said in his blog.

Two Italian fashion houses, Versace and Furla, recently announced, under pressure from HSI, that they will no longer use furs , joining other designers such as Armani, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Gucci.

San Francisco Prohibits The Sale of Skins Impelreport

Katy Tang, a member of the Supervisory Board of San Francisco , said it is estimated that each year about 50 million animals “are massacred in a creepy way so we can show off their skin and look fashionable.”

“I hope (that this measure) sent a strong message to the rest of the world, ” he added, quoted by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Traders expressed concern about the measure, which will take effect on January 1.

“This is big business for Union Square, this will have a big impact on us,” said Karen Flood, executive director of the Union Square Business Improvement District.

San Francisco will be left without its keychains of good luck to approve the initiative to prohibit the sale of new clothing with animal skins to prevent hunting, especially of endangered species . The board approved the measure unanimously, but not everyone is happy with this measure.

San Francisco Prohibits The Sale of Skins Impelreport

A report from the City Comptroller based on 2012 sales figures calculates that this measure will generate a loss of at least $ 11 million per year for Union Square entrepreneurs.

A retail survey by the Chamber of Commerce and the San Francisco Business Improvement District places the losses at much more: $ 45 million per year.


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San Francisco Prohibits The Sale of Skins Impelreport