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“Seven Seconds” crime drama series are based on Russian movie “The Major” by Yuri Bykov. I have watched “The Major” probably a year ago and never expected to see an American drama based on this one. I’d like to avoid spoilers here no matter “Seven Seconds” can spoil “The Major” at some point. However it’s hard to call “Seven seconds” a remake of “The Major” although both have similar concept but only “Seven seconds” contains more complications, outcomes and so delivers a different story.

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“Seven Seconds” amazingly creates this “like Russian” movie feel as it’s slow paced, has a lot of pauses, cops actually look like Russian guys and even main prosecutor drinks a lot though it’s not a vodka digested. Both even start in the winter. In general, both stories tell us that life can be cruel and cops and officials have their own morals sometimes especially when law and justice meet a real life. Acting is as good as a cast. I was really surprised to see acting of Michael Mosley and David Lyons, both are just great. Story is brutal, grim and pretty intense no matter it’s a slow-paced movie.

Seven Seconds 2018 TV Show
“Seven seconds” is another great case of how a foreign concept or a story can be transformed into a great drama raising important questions. For example: Andrey Zvyagintev’s famous “Leviathan” movie is based on a true American story of Marvin John Heemeyer and his armored warfare against authorities however it’s hard to find any kind of action in Russian movie. What Zvyagintsev actually did is combining a story of the American rebel with harsh Russian reality. “Seven seconds” made the same with the concept of “The Major” putting a very Russian concept on American soil. As a result we see how both ask the same questions about justice and law however there are many other different questions are being asked. I believe this shows how many similarities both countries have in common no matter what differencies in polictics/economy/etc we actually have or what appeal of USA/Russia media try to deliver.

By the way there’s another great drama by Yuri Bykov “Durak” (“The Fool”). I don’t see how this story can be transformed into scenario for an American movie however it’s a very good movie, just check this out.


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Seven Seconds 2018 TV Show Series Review Trailer Poster Impelreport