Shakira Once Again Postpones Her Tour “My Nightmare Continues”

The singer is going through a hard time

To date, there would have been 5 cities for which Shakira carried her highly anticipated El Dorad World Tour . However, the stage of the tour has not been released. Get More exclusive Hollywood Celebrities updates from impelreport.

Shakira Once Again Postpones Her Tour: "My Nightmare Continues"

First, the Colombian singer issued a statement announcing that the premiere in Cologne, Germany, on November 8, would not be carried out due to problems on her vocal chords, but she promised to do everything possible to start on the 10th of the same month in Paris. .

Days later, another painful communication for the fans arrived. On this occasion Shak spoke of being focused on his recovery to 100% in his recovery, but noted that it was impossible to meet the commitments of 10, 11, 12 and 14 November by different cities in Europe.

Well, what many feared finally happened and Shakira recently announced that the tour of the old continent will be postponed until 2018.

Shakira Once Again Postpones Her Tour "My Nightmare Continues"

In an extensive letter, the girlfriend of Gerard Piqué detailed the effort and work he has done for the tour since July, and was really sad about the decision. “Unfortunately the hemorrhage seems to have not been reabsorbed yet and my nightmare continues, and I am currently in a hard battle for my recovery.” He continued: “In all the years that I’ve been singing, I never found myself in a similar situation.”

Finally he thanked for the support: “Thanks to my fans from all over the world for their understanding and loyalty, for transmitting encouragement to me in their messages of affection and accompanying me with their prayers.”

At the moment they did not give details of the rest of the dates and the expected announcement of the concerts in Latin America is still on standby.

Shakira Once Again Postpones Her Tour "My Nightmare Continues"

The speculations do not stop on the subject, in fact, the newspaper El País of Spain speaks of a “perfect storm” with elements such as his vocal illness and the tax scandal to appear in the Paradise Papers with his ex, Antonio de la Rua, which has hurt Shakira’s return to the stage. Also in fan blogs point to a possible stage fright and panic attacks.

Shakira Once Again Postpones Her Tour “My Nightmare Continues”



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