Stranger Things Season 2 2017 Tv-Show Review Impelreport

When it is about to be a year since the premiere of Stranger Things, the series that became the television phenomenon of the summer of 2016, Netflix has already put date on his return with a new round of chapters. The episodes that will make up the second season of the series will be available on the online platform next October 27.

Stranger Things Season 2

The company had already given clues during the Super Bowl stating that the return of the nostalgic and eighties series would be for Halloween. It will be time for the protagonists to face new threats from the World of Revolt. Little is known of what will come beyond what you can try to intuit from the little teaser that launched Stranger Things in February, the poster that now shows and the titles of the next chapters: Madmax, The boy who resurrected, The Pumpkin orchard, The palace, The storm, The tadpole, The secret hut, The brain and The brother disappeared.

Officially, at the moment only this synopsis of the next chapters of Stranger Things, which will be located in 1984, is available: “A year later, the citizens of Hawkins (Indiana) are still recovering from the horrors of the Demogorgon and the mysterious events in the laboratory, Will Byers has returned from the World of Reverse, but a larger and sinister entity continues to threaten those who have survived. ”

Along with this brief description, the announcement of Stranger Things has been accompanied by a chronology dating back to 1953 the start of the MK Ultra project at Hawkins; in 1979, police chief Jim Hopper returns to Hawkins; on November 6, 1983, Will Byers disappears; On November 8, 1983, Barbara Holland disappears. And so it jumps until July 15, 2016, when the first part is released, and concludes, for now on October 27, 2017, with the premiere of the second part.

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Stranger Things Season 2 2017 Tv-Show Review Impelreport


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