Taken 2018 NCB Tv Show Series Review Impelreport

Sometimes the first episode of a story is, let’s be honest…slow…and cliché. This however is quite a nice step into the role as it starts with action where the would be recruiter follows our protagonist as bait before they realize his value. It’s actually a really nice episode that caught me straight away, If I’m honest I thought this was going to be another “MacGyver” abomination where a good thing has been turned bad…got to say, I’m surprised. I watched it only because I was on lunch and it was on my amazon prime instant video…I thought…I can waste some time on Imgur/Reddit for an hour or give it a go…I’m glad I did.

Now I know there are bad reviews that have brought it down and I was surprised having watched the show and enjoyed it. I looked and a lot are “another FBI show” “Boo-hoo, it’s been done before” …well that’s what happens when you watch something in the CRIME genre…it’s about law enforcement, or spies, or criminals…you know…fitting with the title of the genre and all. This may not break new ground but it does the tried and tested ground well. It makes a nice show without any annoying cast to push through the lousy performances of and so far, it’s not been too overdramatic, cliché, obvious or annoying. It has simply been enjoyable and interesting, I’d gladly have this run through several seasons than crap like “Castle” (I love Nathan but that show…urgh).

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All in all I’d say my 10 star rating is a little generous but that’s to compensate the reactive 1 star scores by people venting their frustration on the flooded genre on this specific show, this is a good show. I’d realistically say as it’s early days a solid8/8.5 and I’ll be tuning in to continue watching this as it has impressed me enough to bother to give a review. 🙂


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Taken 2018 NCB Tv Show Series Review Impelreport