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THE BRAVE (NBC), SEAL TEAM (CBS): I group these together because it’s the same show – different casts but the same predictable plot lines, same characters – each with some kind of specialty, same trite dialogue (‘You can run, but you can’t hide.’ They actually paid someone to write that?), some mediocre acting, same over-edited action sequences, and same female commander just like every other procedural show on TV with the possible exception of NCIS. (Before you get all bent out of shape over this, I get it. I understand the necessity for equality, but come’ on! Really? I think we’ve reached the saturation point.)

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Their job is to stand in front of a slew of monitors, supposedly watching events in real time so they can spot problems and advise their teams on countermeasures, all the while emoting expressions of concern during and relief after the operation is completed so they can deliver the ‘Well done team. Return to base.’ line, while the other members of the team in the situation room clap and congratulate each other on another successful mission. The pity is, there are some good people wasted in these: Anne Heche and Mike Vogel in The Brave, and David Boreanaz stars in Seal Team. The deserve better material than this and so do we. Neither is worth your time. Score: The Brave: 6, Seal Team: 5. I’d be very surprised it either lasts a full season.


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The Brave 2018 NCB Tv Show Series Review Impelreport