The Person Shot Himself Outside the White House Impelreport

A white man shot himself in the area of ​​the Northern Siege of Washington
White House . The Secret Service gave this information and also told that a person died after the bullet. At the time of the incident, US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania were at Trump Florida. More than 100 people were gathered around the White House at the time of the incident, when this man shot himself.

According to the Secret Service, the identity of the person has been identified but his name has not been exposed. At present, preparations are being made to inform his family. It is said that this man went towards the circumference area north of White House, he hid his handguns and ran several bullets. The Secret Service said, “He did not shoot a bullet by targeting the White House.”

No other person was injured in the incident. The Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the firing incident and the Secret Service Washington Field Office and other law enforcement organizations are also helping to investigate. White House reported that President Donald Trump has been informed about this.


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The Person Shot Himself Outside the White House Impelreport